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VOLUME 11(2018), NO. 1 (IN PROGRESS)


1. Projected dynamical system for variational inequalities

   by Bandar Bin-Mohsin, Muhammad Aslam Noor,  Khalida Inayat Noor and Rafia Latif, pp. 01-09

    Abstract (pdf)


2. On Reich contraction principle in rectangular cone b-metric space over Banach algebra

   by Reny George and Zoran D. Mitrović, pp. 10-16

    Abstract (pdf)


3. Fixed points under new contractive conditions via cyclic (α,β,r)-admissible mappings

   by Hüseyin Işık and Poom Kumam, pp. 17-23

    Abstract (pdf)


4. On some concepts of (h,k)-dichotomy for discrete skew-evolution semiflows in Banach spaces

   by Diana Borlea, pp. 24-36

    Abstract (pdf)


5. General Lyapunov type inequality for Sugeno integral

   by Bayaz Daraby, Amir Shafiloo and Asghar Rahimi, pp. 37-46

    Abstract (pdf)


6. Some new results for set valued mappings defined on sets on metric space with  graph

   by Murchana Neog and Pradip Debnath, pp. 47-55

    Abstract (pdf)


7. On a hybrid shrinking projection method in Banach spaces

   by Ying Liu and Hang Kong, pp. 56-71

    Abstract (pdf)


8. On new nonlinear techniques for solving of self-adjoint finite difference equations

   by Zahra Moayyerizadeh, pp. 72-79

    Abstract (pdf)


9. Approximate solutions of a fractional integro-differential equation by using the Chebyshev

and Legendre polynomials

   by E. Akbari Kojabad and Sh. Rezapour, pp. 80-102

    Abstract (pdf)


10. Generalized quasi-convex functions

   by Khalida Inayat Noor, pp. 103-109

    Abstract (pdf)